2Pk E Track Ratcheting Straps Cargo TieDowns

2Pk E Track Ratcheting Straps Cargo TieDowns

2Pk E Track Ratcheting Straps Cargo TieDowns

When you need to hold freight in your truck or trailer, you need a guarantee that your cargo will stay in one place and remain undamaged. E track truck straps are industry standard tie-downs and you can rely on them to keep your cargo safe. Both ends of these ratcheting straps have E fittings that get clipped into slots on E track rails or singles. You can snap them onto Etrack rails on the floors or walls of your trailers.

Ratchet vs Cam Buckle Trailer Load Straps

E track tie-down straps are usually adjustable with either ratchets or cam buckles. Ratchets are the more aggressive option and they provide a tighter grip. Once you tighten and close the ratchet, the webbing is locked in place and your cargo load is safe. Ratchet buckles are made of durable steel which can withstand all the bang-ups that transport can bring.

How to Use E Track Ratcheting Straps

  1. Test your E track rails to confirm that no screws are loose.
  2. Press the tie-down’s E track fitting and insert the hook into the E track slot.
  3. Wrap the strap or rope around your cargo, and hook the other end into another E track tie-down clipped further down the E track or on another track.
  4. To adjust the length of your strap, pull on the top clasp to let the strap loose, then grab the ratchet handle and crank up and down to tighten.
  5. When you need to remove the strap, push down on the protruding piece and slide it out.

12′ Long Yellow Polyester Tie-Down Logistic Ratchet Strap

These cargo tie-down straps are heavy duty and reliable. They are made of durable polyester that is water-resistant, avoiding mold and mildew growth. This sturdy yellow webbing won’t shrink or stretch and is resistant to fading from UV rays and extreme temperatures. The hardy steel ratchet buckles can withstand all the misuse that transport might bring. In short, you can use these straps for a lifetime to secure loads – up to 1,000 pounds per strap tiedown.

Never Replace Your Straps Again!

These ratchet tie-down cargo straps are made out of durable yellow polyester webbing (strap material) that is water- and UV ray-resistant, minimizing the risks of mold/mildew growth. They will not shrink or stretch even when wet. These 2″ wide x 12′ long sturdy ratcheting logistic cargo tie-down straps have a webbing break strength of 6,000 pounds, an assembly break strength of 3,000 pounds, and a safe working load limit of 1,000 pounds.

Easily Secure Your Cargo

Easily secure cargo loads in your box truck, cargo van, pickup bed, flatbed/utility trailer, enclosed trailer, or warehouse with the convenient and versatile E track system. Each yellow Etrack strap tiedown has, at each end, an E track spring fitting attachment that clicks into any slot on your horizontal or vertical E track rails or singles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these straps be used for motorcycles?

A: Yes, these straps are perfect for tying down motorcycles.

Q: What is the maximum weight these straps can hold?

A: These straps have a safe working load limit of 1,000 pounds per strap tiedown.

Q: Are these straps resistant to UV rays?

A: Yes, the yellow polyester webbing is resistant to fading from UV rays.


With the 2Pk E Track Ratcheting Straps Cargo TieDowns, you can securely hold your freight in place and ensure it remains undamaged during transport. These heavy-duty yellow polyester tie-down straps, equipped with a strong ratchet and ETrack spring fittings, are perfect for tying down motorcycles, trailer loads, and more. Their durable construction and reliable performance make them a must-have for any truck or trailer owner. Invest in these straps and never worry about your cargo again!