Copy King Blank US Map Laminated Dry Erase Poster

Copy King Blank US Map Laminated Dry Erase Poster

Copy King Blank US Map Laminated Dry Erase Poster


Welcome to the world of the Copy King Blank US Map Laminated Dry Erase Poster! This innovative and versatile poster is designed to meet all your mapping needs. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone who loves geography, this poster is perfect for you. With its blank surface and dry erase capabilities, you can customize and update your map as often as you like. Let’s dive into the details and discover why this poster is a must-have for schools, offices, and homes.

Main Features

Blank and Reusable

The Copy King Blank US Map Poster is completely blank, allowing you to fill it in according to your needs. Whether you want to mark states, cities, or geographical features, this poster provides you with the freedom to create your own customized map. And the best part? It’s reusable! Simply use a dry erase marker to make changes, erase them when needed, and start again. No more wasting paper or constantly printing new maps.

Laminated for Durability

We understand that maps can be subject to wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas like classrooms or offices. That’s why our poster is professionally printed on quality paper and laminated for extra durability. The lamination not only protects the poster from damage but also allows for easy erasing without leaving any residue. You can confidently use this poster for years to come.

Comes with a Free Dry Erase Marker

To get you started right away, each Copy King Blank US Map Poster comes with a free dry erase marker. No need to search for a marker separately or make an additional purchase. We’ve got you covered! The marker is specially designed for smooth writing and easy erasing, ensuring a hassle-free mapping experience.

Perfect Size for Various Settings

Measuring 24″x36″ (2ft x 3ft), this poster is the ideal size for schools, offices, and homes. It’s large enough to display detailed information and small enough to fit on most walls without taking up too much space. Whether you want to hang it in a classroom, an office boardroom, or your own study, this poster will make a statement and serve its purpose effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use any dry erase marker on this poster?

Yes, you can use any dry erase marker on this poster. However, we recommend using the included marker for the best results. It has been tested and proven to work seamlessly with the laminated surface, ensuring easy erasing and long-lasting use.

2. Can I hang this poster on any type of wall?

Yes, you can hang this poster on any type of wall. It is lightweight and can be easily mounted using adhesive hooks, nails, or even double-sided tape. Just make sure the wall surface is clean and smooth before attaching the poster.

3. Can I write on this poster with permanent markers?

No, we do not recommend using permanent markers on this poster. Permanent markers may leave stains or damage the laminated surface, making it difficult to erase or reuse the poster. Stick to dry erase markers for the best experience.


The Copy King Blank US Map Laminated Dry Erase Poster is the ultimate solution for all your mapping needs. Its blank and reusable design, combined with the included dry erase marker, allows you to create and update your own customized map effortlessly. With its durable lamination and perfect size, this poster is suitable for schools, offices, and homes alike. Say goodbye to traditional paper maps and embrace the convenience and versatility of the Copy King Blank US Map Poster. Get yours today and start exploring!