Economics of Natural and Human Resources in Agriculture

Economics of Natural and Human Resources in Agriculture

Economics of Natural and Human Resources in Agriculture


Welcome to the world of agricultural economics! In this book, “Economics of Natural and Human Resources in Agriculture,” edited by Ayal Kimhi and Israel Finkelshtain, we delve into the fascinating realm of economics and its relationship with the agricultural sector. This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the intricate dynamics between natural resources, human resources, and the economic aspects of agriculture.

The Importance of Managing Resources in Agriculture

Agriculture is a vital industry that relies heavily on the management of both natural and human resources. The efficient allocation and utilization of these resources play a crucial role in the sustainability and profitability of agricultural operations. This book explores the economic principles and strategies that can help farmers, policymakers, and researchers make informed decisions to optimize resource management.

Exploring the Economics of Natural Resources

Natural resources, such as land, water, and climate, are fundamental to agricultural production. Understanding the economic implications of utilizing these resources is essential for sustainable farming practices. This book delves into topics such as land use, water management, and climate change, providing valuable insights into the economic challenges and opportunities associated with natural resource management in agriculture.

The Role of Human Resources in Agricultural Economics

Human resources, including farmers, laborers, and researchers, are the driving force behind agricultural productivity and innovation. This book examines the economic factors that influence human resource allocation, education, and training in the agricultural sector. By understanding the economic incentives and constraints faced by individuals and organizations, we can develop strategies to enhance human resource development and improve overall agricultural performance.


The book “Economics of Natural and Human Resources in Agriculture” offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between economics and agriculture. By understanding the economic principles and strategies associated with resource management, we can work towards a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector. Whether you are a farmer, policymaker, or researcher, this book provides valuable insights that can inform your decision-making process and contribute to the advancement of agricultural economics.