Fermentation Container 15L – Brew Your Beer or Wine

Fermentation Container 15L – Brew Your Beer or Wine

Fermentation Container 15L – Brew Your Beer or Wine


The Fermentation Container 15L is a must-have product for all beer and wine enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced brewer, this container will help you create the perfect brew every time.

Main Features

  • Tight-fitting lid to keep harmful bacteria out
  • Pre-drilled hole in the lid for airlock or syphon pipe
  • Includes a rubber grommet for easy installation
  • 15L capacity for larger batches
  • Polish manufactured product

Product Details

The Fermentation Container 15L comes with a lid, two plastic plugs, a fermentation pipe, and a tap guest bucket. The tight-fitting lid ensures that no harmful bacteria can enter the container during the fermentation process, guaranteeing the quality of your brew.

The pre-drilled hole in the lid allows you to easily fit an airlock or use a syphon pipe for a smooth brewing experience. The included rubber grommet ensures a secure and leak-free connection.

This product has a 15L capacity, making it suitable for larger batches of beer or wine. Whether you are brewing for personal use or for a special occasion, this container has you covered.

Please note that the text on the bucket is in Polish as it is a Polish manufactured product. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a translation. However, you can use Google for brewing instructions or further information on brewing.

Get Yours Today

Start your brewing journey with the Fermentation Container 15L. Order yours today and experience the joy of brewing your own beer or wine. With its high-quality construction and user-friendly features, this container is a must-have for all brewing enthusiasts.

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