Film Digitizing Adapter Set – Preserve Your Memories

Film Digitizing Adapter Set – Preserve Your Memories

Film Digitizing Adapter Set – Preserve Your Memories


Are you tired of your old film negatives taking up space and deteriorating over time? With the Film Digitizing Adapter Set, you can now easily convert your old memories into digital format. This innovative set includes a USB light box, slide mount holder, and strip film holder, allowing you to conveniently digitize your old 35mm slides and film.

Key Features

  • USB Light Box 95+ 6500K: The included USB light box provides a bright and even light source for optimal film scanning. With a color rendering index (CRI) of 95+ and a color temperature of 6500K, it ensures accurate color reproduction.
  • 10 Levels Adjustable: Adjust the brightness of the light box according to your preference. With 10 levels of brightness adjustment, you can easily find the perfect lighting for your film digitization.
  • Slide Mount Holder: The slide mount holder allows you to easily insert and secure two mounted 35mm slides. It ensures that your slides stay in place during the digitization process, preventing any blurriness or misalignment.
  • Strip Film Holder: The strip film holder can hold up to 6 frames of 35mm film. It keeps your film flat and taut, ensuring accurate scanning and preventing any damage to your precious negatives.
  • Easy to Use: Simply connect the USB light box to your computer, insert your slides or film into the respective holders, and start scanning. The included software allows you to easily capture and save your digitized images.

Preserve Your Memories

The Film Digitizing Adapter Set is the perfect solution for preserving your old film negatives. By converting them into digital format, you can easily store, share, and relive your precious memories. Whether you want to create a digital photo album, share your old photos on social media, or simply keep them safe from deterioration, this adapter set is a must-have.


Don’t let your old film negatives fade away. With the Film Digitizing Adapter Set, you can easily convert them into digital format and preserve them for years to come. Say goodbye to bulky photo albums and hello to the convenience of digital storage. Get your Film Digitizing Adapter Set today and start preserving your memories.