Flower Vases Glass with Twine Rope – Perfect for Wedding Home Garden Decoration

Flower Vases Glass with Twine Rope – Perfect for Wedding, Home, Garden Decoration

Flower Vases Glass with Twine Rope – Perfect for Wedding, Home, Garden Decoration


Still wondering what kind of vase can better decorate your house, garden, or office? Our glass vases have slender necks, wide bottles, and hemp rope accessories to beautify your home. Fill your vase with flowers, twigs, wheat, pearls, pebbles, and other vase fillings and start creating with your hands-on abilities. Glasseam’s Special Glass Vases can be your PERFECT CHOICE!

Why Choose Our Vases for Decor?

  • The unique large bottle with thin waist design of the vase is beautiful and can hold many decorative items.
  • The attached hemp rope fully meets your hands-on ability.
  • The transparent vase allows you to fully see the healthy and thriving plants.
  • Randomly decorate with flowers of lavender, daffodils, and monstera vine cuttings, raffia, water, and multicolored stones.
  • Three-piece vases to meet your different decoration needs.


  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: Waist Diameter: 11.77”; High: 5.3”; Base: 2.2”; Vase Wide: 2.2”; Caliber: 2.36”
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

Package Include

  • 3 x Flower vases (plants or flowers do not included)

About Glasseam

Our shop, Glasseam, focuses on glassware for decorating homes, offices, coffee shops, and indoor gardens. We offer a variety of glass planters, glass vases, glass domes, and glass ornaments. Our products add a modern sense and stylish atmosphere to your surroundings, making them more green, colorful, and artistic. Enhance the atmosphere of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these vases hold real flowers?

Yes, these vases are perfect for holding real flowers. Their transparent design allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

2. Are the vases stable on a table?

Yes, the vases have a thick glass base that provides stability and prevents them from easily falling over.

3. Can I use these vases for wedding decorations?

Absolutely! These vases are ideal for wedding decorations. You can fill them with flowers, twine rope, or other decorative items to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

4. Are the vases suitable for office decoration?

Yes, these vases are versatile and can be used for office decoration. They add a touch of elegance and style to any workspace.

5. Can I give these vases as a gift?

Definitely! These vases make a perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones. The high-quality packaging ensures that the product arrives in perfect condition.

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