GBHJJ Wall Clocks for Living Room Modern Creative Nordic World Map Wall Clock

GBHJJ Wall Clocks for Living Room Modern, Creative Nordic World Map Wall Clock

GBHJJ Wall Clocks for Living Room Modern, Creative Nordic World Map Wall Clock


With the classic wall clock, you can use traditional functions on the wall and display the time in a practical way. The GBHJJ Wall Clocks for Living Room Modern, Creative Nordic World Map Wall Clock is a unique and stylish wall clock that not only serves as a practical timepiece but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

Product Details

  • Name: Map Wall Clock
  • Material: High-quality E1 environmentally friendly wood
  • Size: Small – 78*41CM; Large – 100*52CM
  • Package includes: 1 Wall clock, 1 Spare pointer, 2 Height invisible hooks, 1 Carbon environmental battery
  • Applicable places: Offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, bedrooms, study rooms, entrances, corridors, hotels, etc.
  • Applicable environment: Smooth and dust-free walls, glass partitions, etc. (It is recommended to clean and prepare the wall before installation)
  • Maintenance: The product is highly adaptable to the environment and requires no special care. If there is dust, use a feather duster. If there is oil or fingerprints, please use a diluted detergent with a cotton cloth and remember to wipe dry.
  • Note: Please use carbon batteries and avoid using large-capacity alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries to maintain the life and movement accuracy of the clock.


  • Decorative Wall Clock: The creative world map design of this wall clock adds a unique touch to your room. It serves not only as a timepiece but also as a beautiful decoration. It combines aesthetics and function, breaking traditional boundaries and adding personality to your space.
  • Materials and Technology: Made from high-quality E1 environmentally friendly wood, this wall clock is easy to clean and maintain. The pointer is made of metal and the movement is scanner-based. The clock is coated with high-quality baking paint at high temperature, ensuring no fading or deformation. The clock is powered by a battery (not included).
  • Silent Movement: The high-quality mainspring ensures accurate time setting. The clock operates silently, providing a peaceful environment for sleep and work.
  • Home Decoration: This wall clock is ideal for personal style decoration in various rooms such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, office, or meeting room. It can be hung both indoors and outdoors, adding a unique, beautiful, stylish, and elegant touch to your house.
  • Fun Geography: The decorative world map design is perfect for those who love to travel and want to keep track of time zones around the world. It is also a great educational tool for families who want to introduce their children to the beauty of our world.