JEKCA English Bull Terrier 01S-M03 – Build Your Own Brick Sculptures

JEKCA English Bull Terrier 01S-M03 – Build Your Own Brick Sculptures

JEKCA English Bull Terrier 01S-M03


JEKCA is a revolutionary building block kit designed by Hong Kong-based toy-brick-maker. Unlike traditional toy bricks, JEKCA provides a fabulous range of 3D animal installation kits for both kids and adults. With our patent locking technology, these brick sculptures can be built sturdily without the need for glue. The assembling procedure is straightforward, and a detailed step-by-step manual is included in the package. JEKCA is not only great for individuals who love to build their own models, but it also works great as a family project. Enjoy the leisure with your family and feel the accomplishment of building these wonderful sculptures together!

Main Features

  • Patented Brick-through Technology
  • Sturdy, not easy to break apart
  • Building manual included (This product has 930 pieces)
  • Build your favorite pets and animal sculptures using toy bricks with ease
  • Experience the joy and pride of a true craftsman

Unleash Your Creativity

With JEKCA, you can bring your favorite English Bull Terrier to life. Our building block kit allows you to create a stunning 3D sculpture of this beloved breed. Whether you are a dog enthusiast or simply enjoy building models, JEKCA offers a unique and rewarding experience. Follow the step-by-step manual and watch as your creation takes shape. The sturdy brick-through technology ensures that your sculpture will stand the test of time, without the need for any additional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pieces are included in the kit?

This JEKCA English Bull Terrier 01S-M03 kit contains a total of 930 pieces.

2. Can children build these sculptures on their own?

While JEKCA is suitable for children, adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger kids. The assembling procedure may require some dexterity and patience.

3. Can I combine multiple JEKCA kits to create larger sculptures?

Yes, JEKCA kits are designed to be compatible with each other. You can mix and match different kits to create your own unique sculptures.

4. Are the bricks easy to disassemble?

JEKCA bricks are designed to be sturdy and not easy to break apart. However, if you wish to disassemble your sculpture, you can carefully separate the bricks without causing any damage.

Experience the Extraordinary

JEKCA will bring you the most extraordinary brick experience that no other toy bricks can offer. With our innovative design and high-quality materials, you can create stunning sculptures that showcase your creativity and craftsmanship. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced builder, JEKCA is the perfect choice for unleashing your imagination. Build, display, and be proud of your masterpiece with JEKCA English Bull Terrier 01S-M03.

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