Senscience True Hue Shampoo: The Ultimate Color Protection for Your Hair

Senscience True Hue Shampoo: The Ultimate Color Protection for Your Hair

Are you tired of your hair color fading away after just a few washes? Look no further! Introducing the Senscience True Hue Shampoo, the ultimate solution for color-treated hair. With its paraben-free formula, this shampoo not only cleanses your hair but also provides effective color protection, ensuring that your vibrant locks stay intact for longer.

Why Choose Senscience True Hue Shampoo?

When it comes to maintaining the longevity of your hair color, Senscience True Hue Shampoo is the go-to choice. Here’s why:

Gentle Cleansing

This shampoo is specifically designed for color-treated hair, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse. It removes impurities and product buildup without stripping away the color, leaving your hair clean and vibrant.

Effective Color Protection

The True Hue Shampoo is formulated with advanced color-lock technology that helps seal in the color molecules, preventing them from fading. This ensures that your hair color stays true and vibrant for an extended period.

Paraben-Free Formula

Worried about harmful chemicals damaging your hair? Fret not! Senscience True Hue Shampoo is free from parabens, making it safe for regular use without causing any harm to your hair or scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use Senscience True Hue Shampoo?

For best results, it is recommended to use this shampoo daily. Incorporate it into your regular hair care routine to maintain the vibrancy of your color-treated hair.

2. Can I use this shampoo on natural hair?

While the True Hue Shampoo is specifically formulated for color-treated hair, it can also be used on natural hair. Its gentle formula ensures that it cleanses without causing any damage or stripping away natural oils.

3. Will this shampoo make my hair feel dry?

No, the True Hue Shampoo is designed to provide a gentle cleanse without drying out your hair. It leaves your locks feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.


When it comes to protecting your hair color, Senscience True Hue Shampoo is the ultimate choice. Its gentle cleansing action, effective color protection, and paraben-free formula make it a must-have for anyone with color-treated hair. Say goodbye to faded hair color and hello to long-lasting vibrancy with Senscience True Hue Shampoo!