The Standard Pilot Log 2012: A Comprehensive Tool for Aviation Professionals

The Standard Pilot Log 2012: A Comprehensive Tool for Aviation Professionals

As an aviation professional, keeping track of your flight hours, training, and certifications is crucial. The Standard Pilot Log 2012, created by Asa Staff and published in September 2012, is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and streamline the logging process. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this logbook is a must-have for pilots of all levels.

Features and Benefits

1. Easy-to-Use Interface

The Standard Pilot Log 2012 features a user-friendly interface that allows pilots to quickly and efficiently record their flight details. The logbook is organized into sections, making it easy to navigate and find specific information.

2. Comprehensive Flight Logging

With the Standard Pilot Log 2012, pilots can record detailed information about each flight, including date, aircraft type, departure and arrival airports, flight duration, and more. This comprehensive logging system ensures that all necessary information is accurately documented.

3. Training and Certification Tracking

In addition to flight logging, the Standard Pilot Log 2012 also includes sections for tracking training and certifications. Pilots can record details about their flight training, simulator sessions, medical exams, and other important milestones in their aviation career.

4. Customizable Layout

The logbook’s layout is fully customizable, allowing pilots to personalize it according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional or digital format, the Standard Pilot Log 2012 can be tailored to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I transfer my existing flight records to the Standard Pilot Log 2012?

A: Yes, the logbook provides an option to import flight records from other formats, making it easy to transition to the Standard Pilot Log 2012 without losing any data.

Q: Is the Standard Pilot Log 2012 compatible with electronic flight bags?

A: Yes, the logbook is designed to be compatible with electronic flight bags, allowing pilots to access their flight records on electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Q: Can I generate reports from the Standard Pilot Log 2012?

A: Absolutely! The logbook offers a reporting feature that allows pilots to generate detailed reports of their flight hours, training, and certifications. These reports can be useful for job applications, insurance purposes, or personal record-keeping.


The Standard Pilot Log 2012 is an essential tool for aviation professionals, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for flight logging, training tracking, and certification management. With its advanced features and customizable layout, this logbook is designed to meet the unique needs of pilots and ensure accurate record-keeping. Invest in the Standard Pilot Log 2012 and take your aviation career to new heights!