YHY Elevated Cat Food Bowl – Product Description

YHY Elevated Cat Food Bowl – Product Description

YHY Elevated Cat Food Bowl

Less Vomiting: the raised cat bowl put a cat’s mouth at a better position in relation to its stomach, it helps cat swallow more easily, and it could alleviate their occasional vomiting.

Tilt Angle Design

The tilted shape keeps food piled nicely or falls to the center, it helps keep the cat food from being pushed off the bowl, easy for your cat to eat. Perfect for flat face cats.

Reduce Neck Burden

The cat bowls have the right height, allowing the cat to eat in a more natural neck-position. So your cat could sit and eat quite comfortably.

No Slip and No Mess

The stable base is wider, it makes for secure eating without the mess of tipping over. Cutting down drastically on making a mess!

High Quality Ceramic

Microwave & Dishwasher safe. Cat owners can appreciate the convenience of tossing the cat bowl into the dishwasher and flipping on the switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can the cat bowl be used for wet food?
  • How do I clean the ceramic cat bowl?
  • Does the tilt angle design really help reduce vomiting?


The YHY Elevated Cat Food Bowl is the perfect solution for cat owners who want to provide their pets with a comfortable and mess-free dining experience. With its tilt angle design and high-quality ceramic material, this cat dish not only protects your cat’s spine but also prevents vomiting. Say goodbye to messy eating and give your cat the bowl it deserves!